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CA Traffic School

How Our Online Traffic School Works


Sign Up Today

Easily create an account today with our express sign up. You don’t need court paperwork to create an account and get started. If you don’t even know the county or court you got the ticket in enter the one you live in. It can be changed later in your account settings.


ake Our Online Course Anytime

Come and Go Anytime! We auto save your progress. Work at your pace and you have unlimited logins. Take the test again if you fail the first time.


Traffic Ticket Is Fixed

We file your certificate to the Court & DMV. You get a copy. Your Driving Record is Protected & Restored.

Create your account online

DMV Licensed & California Court Accepted Traffic School Online.

Progress Auto Saved

We save your progress whether you do or not. Anytime you log in or out, we automatically save the work you’ve done. No need to worry.

On Your Time

Come & Go anytime you’d like with our traffic school online & defensive driving course. Use any device you prefer: Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, desktop, laptop.

Pass Guarantee

You’re guaranteed to pass, guaranteed satisfaction, and the lowest price. Choose the leader in the industry. We’ve been here since 1998 and aren’t going anywhere.

24/7, 365 Access

You can access our traffic school course 24/7. Start Today, Finish Anytime you’d like. We know you’re busy. We fit any schedule.

FREE e-filing

We provide FREE e-filing with DMV and the Court in every package. We save you tons of time. You’ll receive confirmation, too.

Open Book Final

Our final exam is only 25 multiple choice questions. You ONLY need to score 70%. We guarantee you’ll pass.

Privacy First

Safe & Secure SSL encryption to protect your personal information. Privacy is 100% a priority. We don’t sell or misuse any of your information and only collect what the DMV requires.

Other important items about how it works.

Once registered for our course, you can complete at your own pace from any internet connected device. Whether it’s from the comfort of your home computer, office computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’re no longer limited to the confines of a dark, dirty classroom on a weekend.

When finished reviewing the course material, you are presented with a short multiple choice exam. Don’t worry; you will have multiple opportunities to complete the exam. Once the exam is successfully completed, you will be notified of your passing right away.

The course is divided up into chapters which include pictures, graphics and review questions. Come and go as you’d like. There is no limit to the number of times you access the course, and your progress is continually saved.

Traffic School Online

Getting a traffic ticket can be a very time-consuming and laborious process to resolve. We realize these things happen and you didn’t try to get a moving violation on purpose. But these things take time to work out.

We’ll help you become a defensive driver, and hopefully, there won’t be a “next time”. We work hard to keep your insurance premiums LOW!

No Testing Centers OR Credit History Questions

Fortunately, these are a thing of the past. When you sign up for our California Traffic School Online, we make it EASY! Our traffic school course is 100% Online. It’s safe, secure, and fast. No traveling, No Waiting for a class, Absolutely No Worries. Join hundreds of thousands of students throughout California that enjoy the benefits of our traffic class. Don’t waste another minute.

Why Choose Us?

  • Protecting Your Record
  • Start & Stop Course Anytime
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Instant Completion Results
  • Instant Certificate E-Filing
  • Court Accepted
  • California Owned & Operated
  • Open Book Testing Allowed